Girl on Fire

So basically I had to do this as soon as that scene in Illuminated happened, where Scott did his Alpha infrared(????) thing and we saw Kira with her flamed fox protector. But anyway GOSH ISN’T KIRA THE CUTEST AND NOW SHE’S GOT FOX STUFF HAPPENING MAN I LOVE THIS SHOW


Not gonna lie, I’m kinda looking forward to Kira in 3b. I hope she’s rad as hell. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Also more ladies to draw with wavy hair, thank you teen wolf.


it doesn’t look like a demon to me, looks like a fox.

it’s a cliché and all but i wanted to draw kira she’s so cute i just had to

you caught the light
you carried mine
you caught the light

yellowis4happy asked:
Hello! I wanted to submit a drawing, but if I go to the submit page and select "photo" some of the tags and the submit button disappear. Should I maybe just email it over?

oh dear this happened to another person as well? i don’t know what’s wrong with it.

for anyone else that is having this problem you can do three things

  • attach the photo in an email and send it to us at
  • upload the photo to tumblr and message us the link
  • upload the photo to a text post, copy the photo url and message it to us

sorry about the problems!



ok ill stop


it looks like it’s protecting you
like an armour